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Prevent Burnout & Minimize Turnover with Genuine Work-Life Balance

What is 2on2off?

2on2off is a revolutionary work schedule and software application specifically designed for Delivery Service Partners (DSPs). The software ingeniously separates Delivery Associates (DAs) into two teams, each working two consecutive days followed by two days of rest. This unique 2-on-2-off work pattern not only ensures fair, equitable, and predictable schedules for DAs but also guarantees genuine work-life balance, reducing burnout and significantly boosting job satisfaction.

For DSP owners, 2on2off is a game-changer: it streamlines the scheduling process, automating it so efficiently that it virtually eliminates the administrative burden. With 2on2off, DAs gain the autonomy to manage their schedules, from shift swaps to accepting voluntary time off and voluntary extra time, all within a user-friendly platform. This autonomy and balance lead to a more engaged, safer, and higher-performing team.

Benefits for DSPs

Lower ALL Costs of Labor!

With 2on2off, DSPs spend almost no time on hiring and managing labor and almost all of it on strategic growth opportunities.

Work-Life Balance for DAs

Well-rested DAs means fewer accidents and injuries, less attendance issues, and better performance against scorecards.

Prevent Burnout | Minimize Turnover

Happy DAs lead to a higher tenured workforce rate and reduced costs related to recruitment, retention, and insurance.

Max Out Profitability

Lower overheads and expenses, coupled with a high-performing team, drive profitability.

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Justin Isom

Innovator & Founder

Optimizes organizational structures and workforce schedules, enabling DSPs to focus on people, performance, and profitability.

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